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What is Oral Cancer ?

Oral cancer is a cancer that affects areas inside the mouth.

This can include the cheek, throat, gums and/or tongue.  The danger in oral cancer is that it may seem like an insignificant sore inside of the mouth and may be overlooked or ignored giving a chance for the cancer to spread.

For this reason, it's important to be treated regularly by a primary oral care professional, like your dental hygienist, who can identify oral cancers and help you understand your options and give referrals if something is identified as suspicious.


What are the symptoms of Oral Cancer ?

Symptoms may vary among patients.

Typical symptoms include one or more of the following:

  • skin lesions around the mouth
  • a lump, ulcer or sore on the cheek, gums or tongue that does NOT heal within 14 days

Less common symptoms include:

  • difficulty swallowing
  • tongue problems
  • ongoing aching in a localized area of the mouth

How is Oral Cancer treated ?

Like all cancers, the key to successful treatment, is early detection.  

If you suspect you have one or more of the symptoms, please don't hesitate. 

Make an appointment with a Health Care Professional as soon as possible.