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What is Halitosis ?

Halitosis or bad breath is the condition where an unpleasant odour emanates from the mouth.

It is very often a side effect of gingivitis or periodontal disease.

What are the symptoms of Halitosis ?

Symptoms of halitosis are typically manifested in social situations.  People backing away when you're talking to them, or repositioning themselves beside you instead of in front of you, are good cues.  Loved ones not interested in kissing can also be a cue.

Sufferers are not usually able to smell their own breath (even when its very bad).  The best way to learn if you have halitosis, is to ask a close friend or family member to tell you.

Bad breath itself, may be a symptom of dry mouth.  Dry mouth has many causes, including prescription drugs or non-prescription medications.


How is Halitosis treated ?

Halitosis is caused primarily by volatile sulphur compounds produced by certain types of bacteria within the oral cavity.  It can be contributed to certain medical conditions, or medications causing dry mouth.

Regular dental cleanings can help to reduce bad breath.

In cases where halitosis is a symptom of dry mouth, discussing with your dental hygienist can help by finding approaches to manage dry mouth and avoid bad breath.